Sunday, March 6, 2011

Insurance Claim Procedure

The process of filing and the Insurance claims process as a whole is quite simple. You simply fill out the claim that there are reports and complete the required documentation, the Insurance team will further analyze the claim in accordance with the existing condition coverage. The main thing to ensure is the loss you experience is guaranteed in the policy.
Type of Losses

For the insurance of motor vehicles and heavy equipment, you may experience the following types of losses:

1. Losses in part (Partial Loss)
Partial loss of coverage the insured object, where the loss is not more than 75% of the sum insured. This loss may occur due to loss (Partial Loss Stolen) or collision (Partial Loss Accident) or by events that are guaranteed in the policy.
2. Losses Total (Total Loss)
Losses in total on the coverage of the insured object, where the value of the loss reaches 75% of the sum insured. This loss may occur due to loss (Total Loss Stolen) or collision (Total Loss Accident) or event that is guaranteed in the policy.

For non-motor vehicle insurance, you may experience a kind of loss like that is guaranteed in the policy, therefore, ask that you carefully read your insurance policy.

Claim procedure

Here's an explanation of the Insurance claims process, both automobile insurance and non-motor vehicle insurance:

1. Report it losses you may experience within 5 days after the loss. Reporting claims you can do via:
1. Came straight to your nearest Insurance Office,
2. Calls to the office nearest Insurance services
3. Send SMS to SMS Channel
4. Visit our website and immediately fill the available Claim Report Form.

2. Prepare reporting documents in accordance with the type of loss that you experience (see Supporting Documents List of Claims). Immediately submit a complete claim documents submitted for claims can be processed.
3. Some types of claims require the survey of the objects insured. This is intended to identify clearly the cause of the loss and as a process of total estimated losses to the customer.
4. After all the documents and complete claims data, Adira Insurance team will further analyze the existing claims. This is intended to determine the value of compensation and compensation process to be traversed.
5. The process of indemnity made in accordance with the type of loss suffered. For example, for motor vehicle insurance with partial loss accident types of damages, so the process of replacement of the harm done by way of repairing damage in the shop partners.

Claims Documents Needed

For all types of claims that you submit, you are required to pour chronological Loss Report Form which will be provided by the Insurance officer. For approval, you must sign the form.

To Heavy Equipment, supporting documents reporting the claim is as follows:

1. News events
2. Chronology of events
3. Photo damage

For other supporting documents refer to the policy of each type of insurance.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Coverage that provides compensation for damages and / or damage to various types of machinery, boilers and other mechanical equipment that experienced by the Insured in unexpected ways and the damage / loss of physical causes such as defective materials, construction is wrong, the mistakes in the work space in installation, lack of job skills, lack of skills / expertise, careless, lack of water in boilers, physical explosion, damage to equipment due to centrifugal force, short circuit, storm, or from various other causes, which he said does not exclude such a way that requires repair or replacement .

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Engineering Insurance

Provide insurance against losses during construction activities, both the construction / civil engineering works and installation of machinery, Industrial Machinery and Electronic Equipment Installation.

Object Coverage:
* All development activities, both the construction / civil engineering work and installation of machinery.
* Industrial machinery.
* Installation of Electronic Equipment.

Type of Insurance:
1. Construction Insurance (Construction All Risks)
2. Insurance Machinery Installation (Erection All Risks)
3. Insurance for Industrial Machinery (Machinery Breakdown)
4. Electronic Equipment Insurance (Electronic Equipment Insurance).

1. Construction Insurance (Construction All Risk)

Object Coverage:
Insurance Coverage Object Construction (Construction All Risk) include among others:

All construction activities for various purposes, such as:
* Office, Shop, Factory, Road, Dam and Irrigation
* Sea Port and Airport

What can be insured are all stakeholders in the implementation of development, among others: The owner of the project, Disabled Fund (Bank or other financial institutions), Contractors, Sub Contractors and others associated.

Risk - Risk Guaranteed In Construction Policy (CAR)
Because this type of insurance is often called: "Construction All Risks", hence the term "ALL RISK" illustrates the extent of collateral Construction Insurance Policy (CAR) can be described as follows:
* Natural Disaster Risk (Act of God)
* Fire
* Liability to Third Parties
* Blasting
* Got hit or bumped vehicle or aircraft, etc.
* Theft, including theft with violence

This policy can be expanded by:
* Debris Cleanup Costs (Debris Removal)
* Risk for the duration of treatment (Maintenance Cover)
* Professional Fees

Period of Insurance Coverage
In line with the long term development projects, ranging from the preparation phase until the operation of the project. Can be detailed as follows:
* The preparation of development,
* Period of Construction / Installation,
* The period of testing,
* Commissioning Period,
* Maintenance or Maintenance Period
And up to handing over the project from the contractor to the owner.

Data or Information Required
* The data or information (at least) to be completed by the prospective insured are as follows:
* The Value of the Project, the project location, type of project
* Main Contractor
* Project Plan, Work Schedule
* Method which applied in development projects

Rate or Premium Rate
Premium Interest in the closure of this project is heavily influenced by several factors, among others:
* The length of time for project development.
* Type of Project (Civil Works Civil Wet or Dry).
* Experience of enterprise Contractor / construction projects development deal.
* Environmental conditions in which the project is located (including natural conditions in the weather).

2. Insurance Machinery Installation (Erection All Risks)
What is meant by type of installation insurance (Erection All Risks) is a type of insurance that provides compensation for the risks that occur during the installation of machinery. Risk Area or guaranteed warranty and everything associated with this installation insurance is the same type of construction insurance (as described in the previous section).

3. Insurance Industry Machinery (Machinery Breakdown)
Provide compensation for unexpected expenses for repairs or replacement of machines that suffered damages caused directly by:
* Pressure or vibration beyond normal limits,
* Short-circuiting (Short Circuit)
* Damage Installation, electrical panel on the machine,
* Lack of / errors in the lube (lubrication), and / or
* Not functioning of the tools on a machine observer

Insured Objects
Which became the object of coverage under the Machinery Breakdown Insurance policy are:
All Electrical Equipment (Electrical Equipment):
Namely machinery or equipment or equipment that use electricity as a source of driving, among others:
Alternator, Generator, Compressor, Electric Motor, Dynamo Starter, Transformer and others.

All Types of Machinery (Machinery Equipment)
That engine with electric power source or other fuels and as a driving source of them:
Pump, Turbine, Press Machine, Machine Cooling or heating, Special Industry Machinery, Boiler etc.

Period Coverage
Period Coverage for these types of Machinery Breakdown Insurance is 1 (one) year.

No Risk Guarantee
* Some of the risks that are not guaranteed:
* Risk standard fire policy (fire, explosion, lightning and falling aircraft or objects thereof),
* The damage that occurs within the period referred to machine testing,
* Expenses are machines that are too high (over load) done intentionally, Wear and tear (wear and tear), Theft,
* Inherent Characteristic (weakness or the nature of specific weaknesses that already exist and can not be repaired at the machine in question).
* Errors design (faulty design) engine causing the engine has an inherent characteristic, and the collapse of the building (collapse the building)

Data or Information Needed
The data or information shall include:
* Machine type, engine capacity, Occupational machine (for what or what making machine, etc.)
* Schedule the use or operation of the machine (whether 24 hours or the hours),
* Year of manufacture of machinery (new or used or how many years operated),
* Experience of damage (from the data record this machine can be known).
* The technical data of the machine,
* Lubrication schedule (routine service schedule)
* And others concerning the identity of the machine

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Money Insurance

Insurance protects Money Money Safe (Cach In Safe) and Money in Travel (Cash In Transit).

What can be insured?
Money or money equivalent; securities; safe storage of such assets.

What risks are covered?
Insurance cover loss of money for money (including in terms of money are traveler's checks, money orders, precious metals, bonds, stocks and others) that occur due to theft, robbery, loss, demolition or embezzlement, and damage when transported or stored in a vault and / or cashier box.

Any risks that are not covered?
Risks that are not secured by, among others: lack of money due to miscalculation by the finance or accounting; losses that occur outside of the areas mentioned in the summary of the policy, war, riots and the like; depreciation; radioactive contamination; nuclear weapons.

Anyone who needs this product?
Companies or individuals who conduct transactions in large quantities and regularly. Examples: banks, foreign exchange, or other perusaahaan; or any individuals who deposit or take money from the bank in a large enough amount. Given the insurance money is a complement of fire insurance, as well as broken into insurance, then the prospective customer must first have insured the building or their possessions through fire insurance.

What factors affect the premium rates?
The amount or value of money to be insured, the types of safes used type, building location, use and construction of buildings, equipment and safety facilities are available, routes or areas that will be pursued, the type of conveyance that will be used.