Saturday, November 27, 2010

Engineering Insurance

Provide insurance against losses during construction activities, both the construction / civil engineering works and installation of machinery, Industrial Machinery and Electronic Equipment Installation.

Object Coverage:
* All development activities, both the construction / civil engineering work and installation of machinery.
* Industrial machinery.
* Installation of Electronic Equipment.

Type of Insurance:
1. Construction Insurance (Construction All Risks)
2. Insurance Machinery Installation (Erection All Risks)
3. Insurance for Industrial Machinery (Machinery Breakdown)
4. Electronic Equipment Insurance (Electronic Equipment Insurance).

1. Construction Insurance (Construction All Risk)

Object Coverage:
Insurance Coverage Object Construction (Construction All Risk) include among others:

All construction activities for various purposes, such as:
* Office, Shop, Factory, Road, Dam and Irrigation
* Sea Port and Airport

What can be insured are all stakeholders in the implementation of development, among others: The owner of the project, Disabled Fund (Bank or other financial institutions), Contractors, Sub Contractors and others associated.

Risk - Risk Guaranteed In Construction Policy (CAR)
Because this type of insurance is often called: "Construction All Risks", hence the term "ALL RISK" illustrates the extent of collateral Construction Insurance Policy (CAR) can be described as follows:
* Natural Disaster Risk (Act of God)
* Fire
* Liability to Third Parties
* Blasting
* Got hit or bumped vehicle or aircraft, etc.
* Theft, including theft with violence

This policy can be expanded by:
* Debris Cleanup Costs (Debris Removal)
* Risk for the duration of treatment (Maintenance Cover)
* Professional Fees

Period of Insurance Coverage
In line with the long term development projects, ranging from the preparation phase until the operation of the project. Can be detailed as follows:
* The preparation of development,
* Period of Construction / Installation,
* The period of testing,
* Commissioning Period,
* Maintenance or Maintenance Period
And up to handing over the project from the contractor to the owner.

Data or Information Required
* The data or information (at least) to be completed by the prospective insured are as follows:
* The Value of the Project, the project location, type of project
* Main Contractor
* Project Plan, Work Schedule
* Method which applied in development projects

Rate or Premium Rate
Premium Interest in the closure of this project is heavily influenced by several factors, among others:
* The length of time for project development.
* Type of Project (Civil Works Civil Wet or Dry).
* Experience of enterprise Contractor / construction projects development deal.
* Environmental conditions in which the project is located (including natural conditions in the weather).

2. Insurance Machinery Installation (Erection All Risks)
What is meant by type of installation insurance (Erection All Risks) is a type of insurance that provides compensation for the risks that occur during the installation of machinery. Risk Area or guaranteed warranty and everything associated with this installation insurance is the same type of construction insurance (as described in the previous section).

3. Insurance Industry Machinery (Machinery Breakdown)
Provide compensation for unexpected expenses for repairs or replacement of machines that suffered damages caused directly by:
* Pressure or vibration beyond normal limits,
* Short-circuiting (Short Circuit)
* Damage Installation, electrical panel on the machine,
* Lack of / errors in the lube (lubrication), and / or
* Not functioning of the tools on a machine observer

Insured Objects
Which became the object of coverage under the Machinery Breakdown Insurance policy are:
All Electrical Equipment (Electrical Equipment):
Namely machinery or equipment or equipment that use electricity as a source of driving, among others:
Alternator, Generator, Compressor, Electric Motor, Dynamo Starter, Transformer and others.

All Types of Machinery (Machinery Equipment)
That engine with electric power source or other fuels and as a driving source of them:
Pump, Turbine, Press Machine, Machine Cooling or heating, Special Industry Machinery, Boiler etc.

Period Coverage
Period Coverage for these types of Machinery Breakdown Insurance is 1 (one) year.

No Risk Guarantee
* Some of the risks that are not guaranteed:
* Risk standard fire policy (fire, explosion, lightning and falling aircraft or objects thereof),
* The damage that occurs within the period referred to machine testing,
* Expenses are machines that are too high (over load) done intentionally, Wear and tear (wear and tear), Theft,
* Inherent Characteristic (weakness or the nature of specific weaknesses that already exist and can not be repaired at the machine in question).
* Errors design (faulty design) engine causing the engine has an inherent characteristic, and the collapse of the building (collapse the building)

Data or Information Needed
The data or information shall include:
* Machine type, engine capacity, Occupational machine (for what or what making machine, etc.)
* Schedule the use or operation of the machine (whether 24 hours or the hours),
* Year of manufacture of machinery (new or used or how many years operated),
* Experience of damage (from the data record this machine can be known).
* The technical data of the machine,
* Lubrication schedule (routine service schedule)
* And others concerning the identity of the machine

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Money Insurance

Insurance protects Money Money Safe (Cach In Safe) and Money in Travel (Cash In Transit).

What can be insured?
Money or money equivalent; securities; safe storage of such assets.

What risks are covered?
Insurance cover loss of money for money (including in terms of money are traveler's checks, money orders, precious metals, bonds, stocks and others) that occur due to theft, robbery, loss, demolition or embezzlement, and damage when transported or stored in a vault and / or cashier box.

Any risks that are not covered?
Risks that are not secured by, among others: lack of money due to miscalculation by the finance or accounting; losses that occur outside of the areas mentioned in the summary of the policy, war, riots and the like; depreciation; radioactive contamination; nuclear weapons.

Anyone who needs this product?
Companies or individuals who conduct transactions in large quantities and regularly. Examples: banks, foreign exchange, or other perusaahaan; or any individuals who deposit or take money from the bank in a large enough amount. Given the insurance money is a complement of fire insurance, as well as broken into insurance, then the prospective customer must first have insured the building or their possessions through fire insurance.

What factors affect the premium rates?
The amount or value of money to be insured, the types of safes used type, building location, use and construction of buildings, equipment and safety facilities are available, routes or areas that will be pursued, the type of conveyance that will be used.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Heavy Equipments Insurance

Heavy Equipments (HE) Insurance provides indemnity insurance to the insured because the insured heavy equipment were damaged and (or) loss due to events caused by the guaranteed risk.

Heavy equipment that can be insured in HE Insurance
What can be insured under this insurance are excavators, bulldozers, wheel loaders, dump trucks, logging trucks, cranes, forklifts and the like.

Condition coverage is available in HE Insurance:
* Comprehensive, a guarantee against loss of part or total loss
* The total loss only, the only guarantee against total loss only

Risks Insurance guaranteed in HE consisting of:
* Perils (due to drowsiness, burst tires, other objects falling, falling rocks, falling trees, slips, overturning, crimes of others, clock, theft, fire, short circuit, wear, corrosion, strikes / riots, war, radioactive / nuclear, deliberate , one manufacturer, natural disaster)
* Accident (theft, collision, fall, burn, upside down / knocked over, broken, broken. Street highway, leased, during delivery, incorrect operation, testing / training)
* Losses due to: cost recovery, repair costs, service costs, costs of spare parts, transportation costs, consultant fees, tax fees. Consequence of loss, the liability of third parties, part as a cause of accident, the cost increase

The risks are not guaranteed in HE Insurance:
* Perils (trials, abnormal conditions, the intention of the insured, operated by a not have a license, the manufacturer's fault, during transport, during transport *, operated on the highway *, on the boat, pontoon or other heavy equipment, from natural disaster * , the explosion itself, mechanical / electrical breakdown, for rented or borrowed, used not according to function and be used for the project underground (underground)) and
* Losses due to wear, corrosion, scratches, consequential loss, costs increase, consummable / replaceable parts and the legal liability to third parties.

The data that must be completed at the time of insuring the HE Insurance:
* Name of insured / creditors
* Type of project / use of equipment
* The location of heavy equipment projects are
* Brand / maker of heavy equipment
* Type / type of heavy equipment
* No. Series / no. chassis / no. engine
* Year of manufacture of heavy equipment

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Travel Insurance

Insured Objects
Travel insurance offers you protection at the expense of extensive and unexpected losses that may occur during your business trip or vacation.

Scope of Warranty:

1. Personal Accident
  •     Death
  •     Disability fixed
  •     Powerlessness fixed
  •     Cost of treatment (max 10% of Insured Value)
2. Cash for Hospital
3. The loss on the trunk (trunk) / luggage and personal items
4. Delays in receipt of luggage (suitcase) / luggage
5. The delay trip
6. The costs of repatriation (repatriation)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Marine Cargo Insurance

As the name implies, this type of insurance to guarantee compensation for losses incurred during transportation of goods from "back home" to "to the destination."

Movement of goods may consist of:
  • Movement of goods from one place to another within a same city. 
  • Movement of goods between cities, between islands or between countries.

Kind of Transport:

  • Air Transport (Air Cargo).
  • Transport Air / Sea (Marine Cargo).
  • Land Transport (Land Transite).

Conveyances to be used very influential with the high / low risk and will directly affect large and small premium rates.
In this type of Marine Cargo Insurance, there are several different types of insurance include:

1. Transportation Air / Sea
  • Export / Import
  • ICC "A"
  • ICC "B"
  • ICC "C"
2. Air Freight
  • Export / Import
  • "Air Cargo All Risks"
  • Local Transport
  • Land and Water Cargo Cover "A"
  • Land and Water Cargo Cover "B"
3. Land Transportation
  • Landtransit Cover "A"
  • Landtransit Cover "B"

Cargo Insurance Air / Sea:

* ICC "C"
Assurance given is: if losses incurred during the trip caused by:
  • Fire or explosion
  • Aground, sinking, capsize conveyances
  • Reversed, slipping land conveyances
  • The collision between the means of conveyance (ship) with objects other than water
  • Given up the goods for the benefit / safety
  • GA
* ICC "B"
Assurance given is the same with the ICC "C" plus the result:
  • Earthquake volcanic eruption
  • Lightning
  • Thrown from boat
  • Damage due to Water
  • Loading and unloading goods
* ICC "A"
Assurance given is the widest scope against all risks except those exempted transportation such as:
  • The nature of the goods themselves,
  • Wear,
  • Intent.

Marine Cargo Insurance Land:

*Cover "A"

Assurance given is:

1. Fire
2. Flood.
3. Tergelincirnya rolled or conveyances.
4. Tabrakannya conveyances or goods transported with other objects.
5. Ferry sinking time of the crossing.

*Cover "B"

Guarantees given are all ongoing risks during land transport.

Information Needed In Closing

  • Route of transportation.
  • Date of commencement of transportation.
  • Type of conveyances (conveyances air, or land)
  • Identification of means of conveyance:
  • When transported by ship, then the air must be known: Name of ship / airline name, GRT, DWT (Tonnage Ship), Naval type.
  • When transported by truck or train, it must be known: Number police, name trains.
  • Type of goods transported
  • The value of goods every time transport
  • The owner of the goods
  • Packaging
  • Is there a transhipment
  • For air and sea transport must be equipped: B / L or Bill of Loading (ship), Airways Bill (air ship), Packing List, Invoice

Fire Insurance

Providing coverage to the property in the form of building houses, offices, hotels, factories, shops, and others, the following contents (furniture, fixtures, furniture, machinery, raw materials and finished goods, etc.) to the possibility losses caused by fire, falling aircraft, lightning, explosion and smoke.
Types of insurance that provides insurance / compensation to the building or its contents by fire.

Risks are guaranteed in the Fire Insurance policy consists of 2 (two) major parts namely:
A. Warranty Standard Fire Insurance.
B. Additional or Extended Warranty

A. Standard Warranty
* Fire: Fire caused by the fire itself, due to carelessness, mistakes its own servants, neighbors, robber, or other causes.
* Lightning: Damage and / or loss to property which is accounted for due to lightning.
* Explosion of: All kinds of explosions that caused the exception or explosion caused by nuclear power
* Fall Aircraft: Damage and / or losses on insured property caused atu Fall Aircraft Objects falling from Aircraft.
* Smoke: Smoke from the fire property and / or interest insured.

B. Additional or Extended Warranty
 With the additional premiums, then the guarantee of the Standard Fire Insurance Indonesia can be expanded with additional assurance as desired.

Against Collateral Damage:
* Riots and strikes, damage due to Malicious Acts, hit by a vehicle.
* Windstorm, Hurricane, Flood and Water Damage.
* Landslide
* Debris Cleanup Costs

Object Coverage:
Object Fire Insurance Coverage for this type is any type of building with all sorts of usability (occupational), and / or its contents (excluding land price).

What can be insured in Fire Insurance policy are:
* Any person or owner of the building and its contents.
* Bank or other financial institutions which provide funds for the purchase and the building is used as collateral.

Data or Information Required In Closing Fire Insurance:
* The function or utility buildings (existing production processes in the building).
* The location or the location of the building.
* Value of Building and contents (contents to be machinery, stock and other goods.)
* Approximate building area and land area where the building stood.
* Environmental conditions around the location of the building (left, right, front and rear of the building was standing).
* Establishment of a building component (such as roof, walls, floors, beams, stairs, frame etc.) are also needed to be known.
* Other information relating to the ownership of the building occupants (whether owners or tenants, and others)

Claim Procedure:
* Provide reports by telephone 1x 24 hours, followed with a written report and complete supporting documents
* Letter of claim
* The estimated claims filed
* If necessary Insurance Company will appoint "Lost Adjusters" to conduct research and calculation of losses.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Which is more important Selects Insurance Education or Education Savings ?

Insurance education or education savings accounts have the same characteristics. In addition to its investment decision can be customized with your child's school schedule, they both provide protection functions. That is, the availability of funding your children's education will remain secure despite the risk of death to happen to you.

Described, education insurance is insurance that offers two utility (endowment), the function of protection and investment. Protection function will bear the risk of death over you, by promising a certain amount of money if you are experiencing death. However, the sum insured is given it is usually adjusted for the cost of your child's education and has been agreed upon in the policy.

Owner investment, this insurance will manage and invest some of the premium you pay. Instead of managing your money, the insurance company will provide the funds which amount has been agreed in the policy. When payment was already scheduled, it is to fit the time your child's school.

In addition, education savings accounts are savings from the bank. This product has characteristics similar to insurance education. With this type of savings, you will save a certain amount of money regularly. Insurance education.

The amount of monthly savings were calculated from the education fund that will target you take, some day. And to ensure the availability of education funds, the bank has worked with several insurance companies that will guarantee your deposit even if there is a risk of death.

Instead, the money you set aside a monthly savings needs to be associated with the size you need in the future. To fund your children's education, for example. You must first calculate the amount of funds you need, and time of use. Insurance education

After that, calculate the amount of money should you tube. As for reserve funds, you also have to prepare other savings until approximately doubled in number between 5 and 15 times your salary.

Actually, not a prohibition to save money for young couples on low incomes. However we recommend you do not have too force myself to have as soon as possible the education fund and reserve fund. Make arrangements for your money appropriately. As a result, set aside money by saving money can still be achieved without sacrificing other interests at this time.

How to Buy Health Insurance

Today, the cost of health (proper treatment) can be fairly expensive, so we just went to the doctor could be a few hundred thousand (depending on the disease and treatment that we choose), not to mention if she should be hospitalized in the hospital.

Especially for those whose income is not fixed (freelance, or self-employed) so ill can-can deplete savings, also for the employees who still have a variety of mortgage (mortgage, car payments, etc.) extra expenditure which would be large enough to disrupt the installment-payment these installments.

At times like this are usually people start to realize the importance of health insurance. Although at times the office provides health insurance (including family), often amounts to the claim is still insufficient medical expenses.

These days though it was a lot of people have started to realize insurance (including health insurance, which usually 'burn' after the time-out), sometimes we can still be wrong to buy insurance as well.

Here are tips carefully before buying insurance that we need to consider:

  • Do not be tempted company based in luxurious locations, because it does not guarantee the quality of the company. Learn your company profile to know the company's financial reputation. How much Risk Base Capital (RBC) and which companies are the guarantors of reinsurance.
  • Note the reference service reputation through various parties, or visit the company's office directly.
  • If the company uses a system of agency, select an agent who can explain the program well.
  • Note the exception clause that the insured's illness. Make sure all the treaties agreed upon in writing, not verbal.
  • Learn plan (grade) are covered, whatever abiaya borne, the limit per occurrence, and annual limits. Understand the mechanism is also applicable, if you want to 'go up the class' hospitalization.
  • Understand when the coverage took effect.
  • Make sure you understand all the legal language in the policy. Upon receiving the policy, take time to fully understand the contents before signing.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tips for Choosing a Life Insurance Company

In choosing a life insurance company, one of which is to assess reputation. Reputation can we value three things:

1. Reputation Services
2. Financial Reputation
3. Reputation Owners and Management

Reputation Services
How to assess the reputation of the service, one way is to come to own the insurance company's office. Or at least you know where his office is located. Assess the services provided when you go to the company. With the company came to own it then you can know what kind of service quality that you'll meet when you must come in person one day, for example, in taking care of your insurance money. This can be done if the insurance company that adopts a bancassurance.

If the insurance company is using the agency system, choose an insurance agent who really have a good atitutude, can explain the products with the best customer interest (not interest him, like on the ground in order to get higher commission), have emotions strong when describing the product it sells.

Financial Reputation
Assessing Financial reputation is to assess the company's financial statements could you ask for or you see in print and in electronic media. Assess how much the company's capital strength compared to other companies. Also how good the value of the company's cash flow. In the world of insurance, the technical term or risk-based capital RBC. This is a way to assess your health insurance company.

Choose the RBC Insurance Company which has over 120 percent. If you are confused about what it is RBC, RBC enough to ask just how much your insurance company to your insurance agent. If somewhat less than 120 percent, meaning that pretty, but had to think about it anymore. Less than that, better find the others. My advice, plilihlah RBC insurance companies that have well above 120%.

Reputation Owners and Management
Note also the majority owner who is and who the manager of your Insurance Company. See if they have an impeccable reputation in the community. Indeed, sometimes it may seem a bit subjective, but it would not hurt if you know who the owners and managers who your insurance company. If they have an impeccable reputation, avoid it immediately.

Another tip, if you choose a joint venture life insurance company, you can see how the reputation of the foreign companies in various other countries. Your insurance agent usually has a collection of news about how the reputation of the foreign companies in a number of other countries.

And if you select a local insurance company (not the joint venture), then choose a reputable company "resilient", ie companies that are quite old and has been through various crises.

From the simple tips above can help you reduce your risk of unpaid claims by the insurance company. Most importantly, do not then you are so afraid to take insurance.

Friday, November 5, 2010

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Auto Insurance Tips

Prospective customers do not easily attracted to the motor insurance premium rates are cheap. Because, in today's competition, many insurance companies slam prices, offers motor vehicle insurance premium rates are cheap. Though not necessarily any guarantee of insurance services.

Add vehicle insurance package offered. For example, extensive warranties to how much. Therefore, extensive warranties should be adjusted with the desire and ability to prospective customers.

See also the network of motor insurance company concerned. For example, how many have a branch office of insurance or how many partners have a garage, so once someone claims not to wait long to fix the vehicle or vehicles reported missing.

Can be asked in advance convenience, facility or what added value can be obtained when buying motor vehicle insurance policy in the company. For example, if there is a tow truck, a replacement car or hotline services, mechanic services, ambulances and so forth. And, last but not least is easy to make changes and the facility in question.

Consider also bonafides vehicle insurance company. Do not get so there is no claim, motor vehicle repair shop does not have any partners. Because, many motor vehicle insurance companies claim they are the best. Though its financial condition is very severe