Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Money Insurance

Insurance protects Money Money Safe (Cach In Safe) and Money in Travel (Cash In Transit).

What can be insured?
Money or money equivalent; securities; safe storage of such assets.

What risks are covered?
Insurance cover loss of money for money (including in terms of money are traveler's checks, money orders, precious metals, bonds, stocks and others) that occur due to theft, robbery, loss, demolition or embezzlement, and damage when transported or stored in a vault and / or cashier box.

Any risks that are not covered?
Risks that are not secured by, among others: lack of money due to miscalculation by the finance or accounting; losses that occur outside of the areas mentioned in the summary of the policy, war, riots and the like; depreciation; radioactive contamination; nuclear weapons.

Anyone who needs this product?
Companies or individuals who conduct transactions in large quantities and regularly. Examples: banks, foreign exchange, or other perusaahaan; or any individuals who deposit or take money from the bank in a large enough amount. Given the insurance money is a complement of fire insurance, as well as broken into insurance, then the prospective customer must first have insured the building or their possessions through fire insurance.

What factors affect the premium rates?
The amount or value of money to be insured, the types of safes used type, building location, use and construction of buildings, equipment and safety facilities are available, routes or areas that will be pursued, the type of conveyance that will be used.


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